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Sooke Evergreen Physiotherapy helps patients in the Vancouver Island area to achieve optimal health and mobility.

Our treatments include Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, Spinal Conditioning, Stretch therapy, Bioflex Laser, Fitness Training, Active Rehabilitation, Orthotics, Massage Therapy, Acoustic Wave and IMS services.  We now have Acoustic (Shock) Wave Therapy!

Old Injuries

You may have had injuries during your teen and young adult years which seemed to heal well at the time.  However, with time, these injuries may be showing up again as persistent muscle weakness, joint pain, and limited range of motion.  These problems can prevent you from enjoying your sports and hobbies, creating frustration and affecting your fitness. 

At our clinic, we can help to identify and correct the source of your problem, using manual therapy and prescribed exercises.  Within a few weeks, most people experience reduced discomfort and are able to resume their activities.

Back Problems

Back pain is one of the major causes of lost work time.  If you have experienced severe back pain, you know how much it affects every part of life!  We can help get you moving again, and give you the information you need to prevent future injury.  In addition to the McKenzie Method, our therapists use manual therapy, exercise and stretching prescriptions.   You can work through your exercise program in our spacious and well-equipped rehab area with assistance from our fitness trainer as needed.


Car Accidents

Car accidents are one cause of neck and back injury.  We use the Whiplash-Associated Disorder (WAD) program developed by the PABC (Physiotherapy Association of BC, www.bcphysio.org) for assessing and treating neck injuries.  We have treated hundreds of clients with injuries from MVAs, and been able to assist most of them to complete recovery.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

If you have experienced a repetitive stress injury, especially in the shoulder/elbow/wrist, you know how much it affects your life.  Simple daily activities like getting dressed, or brushing your hair, suddenly become nearly impossible tasks.  We can teach you how to change your posture and body positioning to prevent RSIs from occuring, and to help you recover from existing injuries.


“Believe it or not”:  the pain in your hand could be coming from your neck!  Especially for computer users, poor posture can create joint pinches and muscle imbalance/strain that shows up in the elbow and wrist.  We can show you how (and how not!) to set up your computer desk to prevent RSIs from taking over your life.

Sports Injuries

Many sports injuries are the result of postural and muscle imbalance – both in strength and flexibility.  Whatever your sport, we can analyze the movements you use and show you ways to improve your performance and prevent injury.


After dental work or surgery, the TMJs (jaw joints) can become misaligned, causing pain and creating difficulty with speaking and eating.  We can help reduce the pain, increase range of motion, and get your jaws working again!

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